Meet Three Black Girl Kid Bosses and Philanthropists Whose Soap Businesses Are Slaying In 2021

Gabrielle Starkes 8, Jordyn Wright 13 and Christianna Alexander 15 have all seen significant sales since the pandemic with their soap businesses. The girls are also big on giving back with their community outreach.

While some companies have shut down as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, three young Black girls are proving themselves to be soap stars as their home-based companies are thriving with more sales than they are able to keep up with. To add to it, they are all giving back in big ways, proving there is power in community, collaboration and of course, Black Girl Magic.

There’s eight-year-old GO! Bubbles Soap CEO Gabrielle Starks started her soap business after watching her mom create products. However, she insisted on making them more kid-friendly by hiding little toys and trinkets in them of popular characters. Gabrielle told her mom that in order to get to the toy, the kid would have to keep using the soap which meant a whole lot of handwashing which became a priority in the COVID19 pandemic.

Gabrielle became the youngest local business owner to have her product sold in stores and if that weren’t enough, she’s also added vegan nail polishes and lip gloss to her product line.

As if that weren’t enough, Gabrielle took her earnings in 2019 and purchased items for the children of The Bahamas who were affected by Hurricane Dorian. She further organized a drive that resulted in over 400 items being donated to the Grand Bahama Children’s home.

In Jacksonville, Florida, Christianna Alexander’s parents had to come up with a way to help her after her teachers told them her dyslexia was going to keep her back. Christi was so unmotivated, she gave up on school. Her parents came up with a way to help her by letting her learn how to make soaps. At the time, Christi was into baking but after several failed recipes, she decided to try decorating her soaps the way she would the pastries and that birthed Sweet Christi’s. The company is known for products that look good enough to eat but is actually soap. Popsicles, candy bars, cupcakes, donuts and even frappe looking products are in Christi’s lineup.

Christi’s products became so successful, the now 15-year-old outgrew space at home and her family had to get her office space which she calls her ‘lab’. Her little sister London has stepped in to help with photos while her mom has had to help with tech since Christi has been pitching her company to numerous investors. She also enlisted a Sweet Squad to give girls opportunities to earn by selling her products.

She received grants from the likes of Beyonce` and was a 2021 QVC, HSN Black Business Spotlight winner going live on the iconic station with products. Christi gives back with various camps for young girls.

In Houston, Texas, Jorydn Wright’s bath bombs are… well, the bomb. Her JBrielle Handmade Goods soaps, bombs, creams, fragrances and lip glosses were created after she was looking for a way to help her skin condition. In March 2020, her family started noticing a lot of orders coming through as a result of COVID19 and to her surprise, she began selling more than she thought she would have.

Even though she’s only 13, she has given back to many youth projects and even started her own DREAM Big reading initiative. She also has spoken to kids to encourage them as future business owners in part with Microsoft. She’s also a part of a Joy Drive to bring cheer during the holidays

The best thing about these three girls is that their moms all know each other and encourage them to support each other. And why not? When young queens come together to build empires, a lot more gets done.

Atlanta-based bestselling romance novelist, award-winning journalist/publicist Nixon is also a coach known in the Caribbean and entertainment arenas.

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