At Seven, London Rose Has Landed Two Tyler Perry Shows And An Oscar-Nominated Film

London Rose Sellars (center) plays Callie on Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’ — Photo BET

Tucked away in her homeschool room in Lexington, Kentucky, London Rose Sellars is your typical seven-year-old. She goes through her lessons and plays with her toys, shrugging off the fact that she is one of the most talked-about television kids right now as viewers of Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’ wonder where her character Callie ended up after being kidnapped by her birth mother.

So far, viewers have learned that Tyler Perry’s spinoff show ‘Ruthless’ will feature a woman in a cult trying to free herself and her daughter and they are hoping the scene-stealing Callie will reappear.

The Memphis-born child actress is too young to watch the show but when she’s in Atlanta, whether it's at the airport or taking an Uber, adults do a double-take.

London Rose Sellars is a model and actress

“If it’s not that, then they realize she’s the little girl who was kidnapped in ‘The Oval’,” her mother Meckaela laughs. “It’s truly surreal to go from just minding your business to adults who watch Tyler Perry shows automatically calling your child out by her character’s name.”

London Rose started out as a model and has done Disney campaigns and more. That eventually evolved to acting which led to her being cast on BET’s top-rated new show for fall 2019, written and directed by Tyler Perry.

“You have to listen and do what the director says,” London Rose says of acting. “Sometimes it’s hard because you have to remember a lot and you have to do it over and over until it’s right. Then sometimes you feel happy but you still have to act like you’re really sad and cry. It’s not easy but I like pretending and I love the cameras and all that stuff too. It’s a lot of fun!” London Rose adds. “I hope I can do it for a long, long, long time.”

London Rose is already working on adding author to her title and is being considered for other projects. However, her mother says it’s important to keep her balanced and allows her to take seasonal breaks away from modeling and acting.

“It has been an adjustment,” said Meckaela. “However, this is something that she wants and she does very well in, so I am happy we gave it a shot. She was never camera shy and once we invested into the acting lessons and everything else, things just happened. It’s a blessing to see your child pursue their dream and we’ll continue until she doesn’t want to do it anymore.”

Atlanta-based bestselling romance novelist, award-winning journalist/publicist Nixon is also a coach known in the Caribbean and entertainment arenas.

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