Gabrielle Starkes 8, Jordyn Wright 13 and Christianna Alexander 15 have all seen significant sales since the pandemic with their soap businesses. The girls are also big on giving back with their community outreach.

While some companies have shut down as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, three young Black girls are proving themselves to be soap stars as their home-based companies are thriving with more sales than they are able to keep up with. To add to it, they are all giving back in big ways, proving there is power in community, collaboration and of course, Black Girl Magic.

Lexi Proctor has grossed over $90,000 with her Curlanistas brand and is making Black and Native American history in the beauty industry. Now she’s encouraging girls to #embraceyourtexture

A typical day for Lexi Proctor includes making sure her schoolwork is completed so she can get the grades she wants to get into her first choice HBCU Howard University, going over the words she’s learning as a part of her tribal heritage and ensuring that items are being shipped across the United States for those who can’t make it into one of the 80-plus Sally’s Beauty Stores which have carried her products.

Lexi P and her #embraceyourtexture models rocking their Curlanista ponytails

In spite of it being a pandemic, it’s still proving profitable for the 16-year-old who used an investment from her parents to launch her Curlanistas hair care…

Latanya Maynard is encouraging women to know their worth

Jacksonville, Florida… Author, influencer and advocate Latanya Maynard is reminding women that “All Hope Is Not Lost,” as she encourages them to know their worth and find the strength to walk away from situations and people who could cost them their lives.

Her book ‘All Hope Is Not Lost’ details her own experience with domestic violence and how she found herself in the cycle she saw play out in her own childhood in Eleuthera, The Bahamas.

“I grew up witnessing my mother being physically abused and while I knew it wasn’t right, a part of me accepted that in order…

By Arthia Nixon

Georgia, USA — The founder of Black Classical University and educator to educators, Dr. Sheva Quinn is launching a free course to teach children about Black Lives Matter and the present civil rights movement in the United States.

The first classes started in late June but another course will take place in the fall. Enrollment is extended for a limited time and the class are geared at 4th to 12th-grade students.

The bestselling author behind ‘African-American Homeschool Master Teachers and Professors’, Quinn is also mother to Ziggy and Tootie, the world’s youngest brick and mortar bakery owners…

Tye Tribbett and protege Tim Bush Jr came under fire for not crediting Caribbean artists for a “new” medley that is said to be on an upcoming album

The topic of North Americans claiming Caribbean and Afrobeats as their own original content in major outlets has resurfaced again and this time, within the church community.

Needless to say, hell hath no fury like church folk seeing a wrong and demanding a right, in the name of Jesus. Rising gospel star and Tye Tribett protege, Tim Bush, Jr. learned that lesson the hard way over the weekend. He learned that hell hath no fury like Christian Caribbean people who have spent time on the frontline of music ministry see when your wibe sour. He learnt what happens when you…

At Seven, London Rose Has Landed Two Tyler Perry Shows And An Oscar-Nominated Film

London Rose Sellars (center) plays Callie on Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’ — Photo BET

Tucked away in her homeschool room in Lexington, Kentucky, London Rose Sellars is your typical seven-year-old. She goes through her lessons and plays with her toys, shrugging off the fact that she is one of the most talked-about television kids right now as viewers of Tyler Perry’s ‘The Oval’ wonder where her character Callie ended up after being kidnapped by her birth mother.

So far, viewers have learned that Tyler Perry’s spinoff show ‘Ruthless’ will feature a woman in a cult trying to free herself and…

Arthia Nixon

Atlanta-based bestselling romance novelist, award-winning journalist/publicist Nixon is also a coach known in the Caribbean and entertainment arenas.

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